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Joan Woolley, comedy and travel writer, playwright, novelist, poet, and long time river dweller on the River Arun at Arundel, affectionately weaves humour, history, places to walk, wildlife and human life into the town’s tapestry. For anyone new to Arundel, or visiting, there are some useful, interesting, and entertaining facts.

The most serious thread which runs through, is the Covid-19 lockdown in Arundel, so the fun times are mentioned in the past tense.

It is illustrated with 274 colour photographs, with a 1,147 word index for easy reference.

Available in paperback in A5 blue thermal binding, with laminated bookmark, or kindle format from Amazon.

Joan Woolley is a Level 5 Lawn Tennis Association tennis professional, finisher of 50 marathons, endurance runner, explorer, and historian.

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Lifting Lockdown Arundel 2020
Amazon in paperback and kindle